Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Other name: Karabash or Kangal Dog


The Anatolian was once utilized for chasing lions and ponies; presently they are utilized for guarding groups of sheep and goats in Turkey. They are an old variety that is viewed as a public seal in Turkey.


The Karabash is an enormous intensely assembled mastiff type canine. They are most popular for their unmistakable facial markings, cream to grovel with a dark veil and ears. They have a short thick coat which is generally simple to keep. As a variety they are delayed to develop, guys can be 4 years of age and females can be 3 proceeding they are completely experienced.

Size     Giant

Shading  The Karabash arrives in an assortment of tones including grovel, spot and white.

Coat Length   Short Medium

Weight/Height Range         Dogs measure between 74-81cms at the wilts, bitches are between 71-79cms at the shrivels. Canines weigh between 50-64kgs and bitches weigh between 41-59kgs.

Ailments        The Karabash has been reared over numerous hundreds of years and in light of this is for all intents and purposes liberated from genetic medical issues. They can have wry mouths and awful demeanors. Proprietors should demand screening for personality and actual characteristics, including hips and eyes.

Breed Classification

The Karabash has a place with the Working Dog gathering. Today it is as yet utilized by the shepherds of Turkey to monitor rushes of sheep and goats.

Taking care of and Ownership

As these canines are so enormous they do require a great deal of taking care of, particularly as youthful canines, and this can be very costly. The grown-up canine won't eat a tremendous measure of food once it is completely developed.


Anatolian Shepherd canines are regional. They are regular gatekeeper canines, autonomous and canny. They should be associated from an early age as their guarding impulse is solid. They are delicate with kids, yet should be viewed because of their size. They can be forceful (particularly the guys) to same sexed canines in a similar family and, due to their helplessness to insects, ought not to live with felines or other family pets. This is anything but a reasonable variety for fledgling canine proprietors.

Intelligence   An exceptionally astute and solid willed canine. They have been reproduced to utilize their drive, making preparing very hard. They require a lot of persistence when preparing and, and, after it’s all said and done, achievement can't be ensured.

Energy            High

Reasonableness for Children         Medium

Propensity to Bark   Low

Generally speaking Exercise Requirement         The Karabash needs a ton of activity, bunches of long strolls. This canine is dynamic and can suffer boundaries of warmth and cold conditions. They need an enormous, encased and safe territory for going around off the lead thus doesn’t do well in urban communities and towns.

Reasonableness as a Guard Dog   High

Simplicity of Transportation      Low

Level of Aggression  High

Other Animal Compatibility    Low


The preparing of this canine is moderately simple. The coat is short and thick with a thick undercoat and will just need brushing once per week. They will shed vigorously during the shedding seasons.

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